Mazal Tov on your decision to explore conversion to Judaism. This is one of the most sacred journeys you can undertake and Rabbi Glenn Jacobs is happy to help usher you through this process. You should reach out to Rabbi Jacobs directly to discuss your specific situation.  If you go forward with the process, you will be expected to follow a learning program concluding with a ritual water immersion.  

Baby Namings

Rabbi Glenn Jacobs is available to facilitate a Baby Naming Ceremony. Couples will want to talk about including family members in the ceremony and appropriate rituals and blessings. Choosing a name is important for family continuity and identity, as well as the meaning of the name. Couples can often find Hebrew equivalents for names from other traditions and cultures. Some traditions use Hebrew names to be associated with Jewish family members and others are open to any names coming from any relationships.

Ceremonies can be performed at home or a public place, like a restaurant or function hall, or a synagogue.

Bark Mitzvah

Celebrate your most beloved pets ‘coming of age’ at your home with fun activities and blessings of love and companionship.  Dress your pet up with a yarmulka and talit and the festivities are off and running. Let the love for your pet and Judaism blend into this excuse for a party.